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Institution Mahatma Award

Mahatma Award is instituted by Amit Sachdeva as his tribute to Mahatma Gandhi and to spread his message of selfless services, peace and love across the world. ‘Mahatma Award’  honor and acknowledge and inspire social impact leaders, activists and change makers across the world.


Amit Sachdeva with Mahatma Award recipients. along with him Mr. Manish Sisodia and Ms. Shallu Jindal


Institution of Prestigious

Mahatma Award

Mahatma Award is the highest honour for social impact leaders and change makers, who are working towards making this world a better place.

Publishing of CSR Good Book

India's First and only compendium of Strongest, Sustainable and Socially Responsible Brands Corporations and Nonprofit Organizations.


Founding Sustainability Live Week Conference

An annual convergence of minds and a dynamic platform dedicated to fostering a brighter, more just, equitable, and sustainable future. This two-day event is a nexus where ideas, innovations, solutions, and products intersect to address pressing challenges in the realms of social, environmental, and governance issues.

Peshawaria & Sachdeva

A Global Mobility and Immigration firm. We're 'Socially Responsible and Purpose Driven Organization' assisting and advising people, who're looking forward to visit, live, work, study or immigrate to United States of America


Amit Sachdeva | Gandhian, Constitutional Lawyer, known as the CSR Man of India

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