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Practice Areas

Transitioning from corporate law, Amit Sachdeva now focuses on key aspects of Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, and Environmental Law, leveraging his extensive experience to drive impactful change in these crucial areas.


Constitutional Law

Amit is dedicated to protecting civil rights and liberties. He actively challenges laws that infringe on freedom of speech and expression, ensuring that individuals' voices are heard and respected. Amit also advocates for equal protection under the law, fighting against discrimination based on race, gender, age, disability, or sexual orientation. His commitment to upholding the right to privacy is evident in his efforts to address issues related to personal privacy, data protection, and bodily autonomy. Additionally, Amit's work in Constitutional Law involves addressing the separation of powers, federalism, and due process rights, ensuring that governmental actions remain within the bounds of the Constitution.


Administrative Law

Amit represents clients in navigating the complexities of regulatory compliance. He assists businesses and individuals in obtaining and challenging licenses and permits required by various government agencies. Amit's expertise extends to policy advocacy, where he influences the development and implementation of government regulations to ensure fairness and justice. He is actively involved in judicial review processes, seeking to ensure that government actions are lawful and just. Amit also participates in administrative hearings and appeals, safeguarding the rights of individuals and organizations in their interactions with government agencies.


Environmental Law

is another critical area of Amit's focus. He is dedicated to promoting environmental stewardship and sustainability. Amit assists clients in navigating environmental regulations, obtaining necessary permits, and ensuring compliance with laws aimed at protecting the environment. He challenges policies and actions that harm the environment, advocating for stronger regulations and enforcement. Amit's work in Environmental Law also includes addressing issues related to corporate environmental responsibility, ensuring that businesses adhere to sustainable practices and contribute to the preservation of natural resources.


Amit Sachdeva's transition to focusing on Constitutional, Administrative, and Environmental Law underscores his commitment to justice, equity, and sustainability. His extensive expertise and advocacy continue to shape the legal landscape, making him a respected figure in.

Amit Sachdeva | Gandhian, Constitutional Lawyer, known as the CSR Man of India

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